Concerned About Your Physical Safety?

Hire personal protection services in Gainesville, Duluth, and the greater Atlanta area, GA

Do you feel that you or someone close to you may be a target? Maybe you're an executive with a lot of resources or a celebrity visiting Atlanta, GA. Don't spend your time living in fear of the unknown. Southeastern Research & Investigations, Inc. offers personal protection services to corporations and the general public. Our security teams are always armed and ready to protect you in any situation.

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3 reasons to trust our personal protection services

3 reasons to trust our personal protection services

When it comes to your personal security, you want a team of experienced professionals you can trust to keep you safe. Here are a few reasons you can rely on our security team to protect you:

  1. We can employ a detail of up to 10 agents
  2. We can hire former FBI and secret service agents to bolster your detail
  3. We have extensive training in security and defense measures
Consult with Southeastern Research & Investigations, Inc. about your circumstances and we'll put together a detail to protect you or your loved one.