Keep an Eye on Your Child

Find out if your child is experiencing neglect or abuse in Gainesville and Atlanta, GA

Your child stays with their other parent during the weekends, and they’re always a bit different when they return. Might they be traumatized by your divorce or separation? Could they be a victim of abuse or neglect? You can count on Atlanta Private Investigations in Gainesville, GA to help you find out.

We can conduct surveillance to find out how your child is treated when they are away from you for your peace of mind. We can even secure the evidence you would need for a change of custody rights.

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3 signs of child abuse and neglect

3 signs of child abuse and neglect

Signs of neglect and abuse can manifest themselves in a plethora of ways, and they can often be quite subtle. Here are a few warning signs to be aware of:

  1. Your child displays unusual child-to-adult interaction
  2. Your child is exhibiting extremes in behavior
  3. Your child is fearful or anxious about making mistakes
Discuss your concerns with Atlanta Private Investigations and we’ll help you determine the safety of your child.